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Orsi Academy is a unique center for surgical innovation and expertise in minimal invasive surgery. Its open, inclusive culture strongly encourages collaboration. In this politically neutral center, industry, clinical practitioners and academic partners from around the globe find each other in training, R&D and data analysis in order to improve MIS best practices.

The state-of-the art accommodation creates an ideal environment for surgeons to master new, innovative techniques safely and comprehensively. 

Endorsed by Belgium’s top universities ‘University of Ghent’ and ‘Catholic University of Leuven’, Orsi Academy creates highly validated and accredited (NASCE, CME, EAU, …) training pathways for university students, residents, assistants and established doctors. To give participants the ability to learn from top experts, Orsi Academy has close collaborations with expert hospitals for live case observations.​

Get an impressure of Orsi Academy in 1 minute!

Prof. Dr. Mottrie explains the reason for existence of Orsi Academy and how the centre became internationally recognised.

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