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Topdokters takes a look into the hearts and minds of Flemish specialists and offers a unique look behind the scenes of the medical world. Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie is one of the specialist of this season on channel VIER. (Dutch)

At the "Symposium Medische Wereld" Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie talks about robotic surgery. (Dutch)

Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie describes how the ORSI program is growing with the Vattikuti Foundation partnership. He also shows videoclips of highlighted robotic procedures, explaining the training center's role in training robotic surgeons of the future. (English)

As president of the ERUS and scientific director of its congress, Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie aims for educational high-standard lectures and top live-surgeries. (English)

Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie as special guest during the World Wide Sales meeting. (English)

Short video report about Orsi Academy, starring Dr. Melanie Gan and Prof. Dr. Mottrie. Broadcasted on Belgian news channel Eén. (Dutch)

Local news channel TV Oost made a report about Prof. Dr. Mottrie and all his running side-projects such as WRSE24, Orsi Academy and his appearance in Topdokters. (Dutch)