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OCERT is part of the non-profit Orsi Academy. Its mission is to provide European scientific societies an inclusive platform in order to co-create top quality, standardised, validated & certified robotic training programs. OCERT is a think-tank that will improve robotic surgical education and consequently improve robotic surgery in the hospital.

Through the OCERT community, Orsi Academy wants to create an ecosystem in which all partners involved in robotic surgery discuss & debate the future of robotic training. This think-tank consists of European scientific societies, academia, industry, governmental representatives & insurance companies. In this ways, the different insights of all parties are acknowledged such as the clincal/surgical needs, the clinical data/evidence & technological innovations.


"Let's join forces to co-create state-of-the-art top quality, standardised, validated &
certified robotic training"


Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie

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