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Although the operating costs for a fully equipped OR with a (live) training model and quality anesthesiology are high, Orsi Academy wants to keep the educational programs accessible for all candidates, regardless of their financial strength. Especially for young medical professionals and candidates from outside Europe, it is not easy to find sufficient funding on their own. Via a scholarship, Orsi Academy wants to give these promising people an opportunity to further develop their skills. However, this supporting initiative is reliant on sponsors, gifts and grants.

You can support our project by transferring a donation via the ‘King Baudouin Foundation’ (BE10 0000 0000 0404 – BIC: BPOTBEB1). This institution regulates and processes charity donations in Belgium. Using the remittance information ‘016/1750/00075’, you direct your gift to Orsi Academy. A tax reduction of 45% of the amount is applicable when the donation exceeds 40 euros.

Dr. Bipin Pal is an example of what we can achieve together. After completing the training, he returned to India with a bag full of knowledge & skills.

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