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Professor Alexandre Mottrie, M.D., Ph.D., graduated in 1988 from the School of Medicine at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.  He completed his residency in 1994 at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany where he was a Staff Member till 1996.  Afterwards, he served as a Fellow in Washington University St.-Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. for six months to improve his laparoscopic skills.  Since 1996, he is Urologist in the O.L.V.-Clinic in Aalst, Belgium. On December 5th 2011, he successfully defended his Ph.D. in the University of Saarland, Homburg-Saar, Germany.

His major interests are urological oncology and robotic surgery.  He is a pioneer in robotic surgery and started this in 2001.  He developed different types of robotic surgery.  At his department, he developed a training center in this field.  He trained numerous colleagues in the field of robotic surgery. With over 4000 robotic procedures, he has one of the largest experiences in the robotic field. 



















In 2010, Dr. Mottrie founded the ORSI-Academy, a multidisciplinary school of robotic and minimal-invasive surgery. Dr. Mottrie is scientifically very involved.  He has authored multiple scientific papers and organised several international Congresses and Masterclasses in these fields.  He has been actively involved in several congresses to perform live-surgery, give courses and/or present state-of-the-art lectures.  He is the Scientific Director of the ERUS-congresses and the Global Congress on Prostate Cancer (Prosca).  Actually, he is the president of the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS), past-president of the Society of Robotic Surgeons (SRS) and the past-president of the Belgian Laparoscopic Urology Group (BLUG).  He is Associate Professor in the Universität des Saarlandes Homburg-Saar (Germany) and the University of Ghent (Belgium). 


He recently received the “Golden Telescope Award” at the Hamlyn Symposium in London (20/06/2015).